Vikingar: Boardgame

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Vikingar: Boardgame
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C$93,517.50 / 1,058 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: November 2017
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The dark runes of Vanir (FREE shipping)
10 black runes with white typo. You do not venerate the Aesir but the Vanir. Get Vanir's Runes ... more »
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T-shirt (FREE shipping)
Unisex t-shirt in 6 differents size (small - 3XL) Staff favorite mythical creature model: - Kra... more »
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2 Additionnal linen pouchs (FREE shipping)
2 linen pouchs to protect your Runes or Meeples. Linen bag with two drawstrings. Seize: 190 x... more »
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Fire and Blood Meeples (FREE shipping)
25 fire and Blood Meeples. Seize: 15x15x7mm. Add relief to your Vikingar game night with these ... more »
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1 copy of Vikingar (late pledge - Canadian exclude)
1 copy of Vikingar included all stretchgoal of KS campaign - All punchedboard in 2mm high densit... more »

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Vikingar will be available in French and in English in every box. All games will contain 2 rulebooks and 2 decks of cards. 1 French 1 english

Social Stretchgoal : 250 German Speaking backers

If we have 250 German Speaking backers, we will include German rulebooks and cards in each box.

If you are a German Speaking backer  send a email to










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